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We are not a typical Marketing Agency…


I’m Jeff Igoe, Founder of Conscious Health Connections.
My team and I have a passion for Integrative Medicine and Digital Marketing.  I got my start in this industry when I helped found an Integrative Medical Clinic back in 2013. Using my marketing experience, we were able to grow that practice to over 6,500+ patients with an 800 person waiting list, and I can’t wait to show you how we did it.

Our unique and specialized approach to marketing was built by years of experience working with Integrative/Functional Medicine practices.  We know what works, and we know how to generate high quality leads that convert into actual patients.  Month after month.  Marketing is an investment, and there is a very strategic process you must use to get consistent results and take your practice to the next level.

Jeff Igoe, Founder
Conscious Health Connections


Unique Approach

Business is personal.  Especially in marketing, we need to get to know you and your team at a deep level to understand your goals, dreams, and vision for your practice.


Service is our top Priority

You are a big fish in my pond.  We are not a huge marketing agency with thousands of clients.  We only take on a small group of clients at a time to offer personalized support.

No Long term contracts

We don’t believe in long-term contracts.  If you are not happy with our services, for whatever reason, you can cancel at anytime after the first ninety (90) days.

Don’t waste money on advertising that doesn’t convert…

Supporting clients all over the country with thier marketing efforts has shown us to keep things simple.  Digital marketing, and specifically Google Ads & Facebook Ads are unique for the fact that if you do it right, you can see a consistent return on your investment for a fraction of the cost of TV, Print, or Radio Advertising.

Years in Business

Total Patients

Patients on our Waiting List


Increase in Patients Each year


Practice Evaluation

I will dig deep into your business, analyze your local competitors, and design a marketing strategy that will help to revolutionize your practice.  We try to keep things simple, combine the proper message using high quality Video and high converting website landing pages.

Reputation Managment

We can help you get more 5 Star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, Vitals, and HealthGrades with a simple and straightforward method.  Simplicity is key, and having the proper software is everything.

Funnel Build

I will build you a  customized New Patient Acquisition Machine that will include all of the website landing pages, e-mail automation, call tracking and lead follow up to get patients to show up to your office, ready for treatment.

Website Design

A website says a lot about your practice.  Sometimes, websites need a refresh.  We can (if needed) build you a fresh and beautiful looking website designed to convert visitors into patients.  We will use all of the most up to date SEO tools to generate traffic to your brand new site.

Facebook Ad Managment

Designing the right Offer and Ad is everything.  Using proven strategies, I will deploy a Facebook Ad Campaign that goes way beyond a simple picture and a lead form.  We use customized videos to engage viewers, and fully customized website landing pages to convert leads into patients. 

Content Marketing

If requested, we will use fresh new content (4 Blog Post Per Month) to make you the authority in your space.  By creating comprehensive blog posts about the topic you are an expert in, readers will immediately understand that you are the credible authority that they need to go and see for their medical condition.

Mobile Optimization


88% of Web Traffic

Is now seen through mobile devices and this number is growing.  People just love being on their phone. : )


FAST & Responsive

Speed is everything when it comes to mobile.


Viewable Video Content

People love video!  In fact it is a much more powerful way to communicate.


Easy Scroll

It must work with a person’s thumbs, sounds silly, but it’s true.  If your content doesn’t look good online, uh oh.

Easy Shareability

Your social links must be easily visiable and shareable and so your message can get out to more people

Scale to fit all devices

Site must look great on different size phones, tablets, and mobile devices.
Please Send Me: 7 Steps You Must Take in Order to Grow Your Integrative Practice

Please Send Me: 7 Steps You Must Take in Order to Grow Your Integrative Practice

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