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I am passionate about helping Integrative Doctors and Practitioners, and really anyone who is trying to make a positive impact on the world.

I suffered for many years with a chronic illness and I learned first hand the power of Integrative Medicine and how it can transform lives.  If it weren’t for my integrative doctor and important medical information that I found on the internet, I am confident that I wouldn’t be here today. (Watch Video Below)

I was fortunate back in 2014 to be part of a team that opened up the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine.  It is an amazing place!  I took my passion for Integrative Medicine and my background in Marketing and designed an amazing process that helped build the practice from zero patients to over 6,000 with an 800+ person waiting list!

If we are conscious about how we use technology, marketing, and social media it makes all of the difference in the world.  People want real experiences. They crave authenticity.  Boring, non-personal, and salesy content doesn’t work.  What value are you providing?  The world needs to know how amazing you are…and I love telling people about it!

Navigating this crazy digital world in a simple, straightforward manner as possible.  I promise you, it can be a lot of fun if you have the proper guidance and don’t get hung up in trying to do too much.

I have years of experience living in the Integrative Medicine world and creating great content specifically for Integrative Clinics and practitioners that have a track record of being extremely successful. 

Let’s get started!!!

Some numbers to consider

A recent study showed that over 77% of people check out your practice or business online before they make an appointment or purchase a product.  Ask yourself this question…what do you do??

When is the last time you tried something new, let’s say a restaurant or making an appointment at a doctor’s office?  Chances are, you Googled it.  You wanted to read online reviews, check out what they were all about, and just confirm what others had told you.

The Numbers don’t lie.  I find it really hard to understand why doctors and practitioners (who are so awesome) invest little to no time at all on making their online presence reflect that.  I find that some Integrative Clinics spend more on coffee each month than they do on their website, social media, or   Google Search marketing campaigns.

Marketing is an investment in your practice.  If you are not investing in your digital footprint and creating a positive “buzz” surrounding what you are doing, your reach is going to be limited.  Think about how many people you could help if you just knew how to get your message out there.



Americans who use internet


Americans active on Social Media

  • People google you before calling 87% 87%
  • Americans who own a smartphone 77% 77%
  • Have Broadband Wifi at home 73% 73%

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Please Send Me: 7 Steps You Must Take in Order to Grow Your Integrative Practice

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